At Mike's, safety is inherent in all we do. We work hard to ensure a safe wash experience for our customers and a safe workplace for our team members. We are equally committed to keeping our wash process safe for the environment.
Customer Safety
We're proud that no customer has ever been injured as a result of our wash process. Here's why:

• Our team members receive the best training in the business

• Our safety team continually evaluates our wash process to suggest improvements

• Our mobile maintenance team constantly tests and adjusts our equipment to ensure that every customer receives the highest quality wash in the safest way possible
Team Member Safety
Here is how we focus on preventing workplace injuries:

• Our team members receive dozens of hours of initial and on-going training

• Our team members receive detailed training about safe handling of all detergents and wash-related products

• We conduct regular, detailed safety audits at every Mike's location

• We utilize independent, third-party testing of all products used in the wash process
Environmental Safety
We're proud to be industry leaders in protecting the environment. Here's how:

• All water used in our wash process is filtered of harmful waste and impurities before it enters the sewer system

• Our wash process uses about 70% less water than people typically use when they wash their cars by hand

• All detergents used in the wash process are environmentally-safe
Please read our Vehicle Restrictions for more information.